Cofounder -  Head of User Experience, Product and Strategy at Pass the Remote

I cofounded the start-up in my senior year of undergraduation. Pass the Remote focused on designing apparel and accessories featuring designs inspired by modern-day television.

During my undergraduate education, I spent my leisure time watching television shows and was fascinated with its merchandise sold on various websites. Although there were plenty of websites like Etsy offering these products in the US and UK, there were very limited options in India. I ordered Game of Thrones merchandise from a website in the US and noticed the shipping charges were almost equal to the cost of the merchandise. The long delivery period of 30 days, without any tracking information, did not help the case either. After interviewing people in the same age group, a friend and I discovered that a lot of people were facing similar problems. We co-founded the start-up aiming to provide merchandise to the young, television-obsessed population of India at affordable rates with a much shorter delivery time.

Head of User Experience, Product and Strategy

I was solely responsible for designing the graphics of the product line. I developed low fidelity prototypes of the designs on paper and high fidelity designs using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I was responsible for researching user needs through surveys and interviews as well as conducting usability tests to understand how the products were perceived by the audience and factoring the responses to improve the product in subsequent iterations. 
Since the start-up was self-funded by three undergraduates, we were on a limited budget. I oversaw the budgeting and product prioritization of the company. I spearheaded the collaboration effort with educational institutions which resulted in a partnership with 10 universities across two cities in India. We designed the official merchandise for their student councils and displayed our products during their campus festivals for maximum visibility of our products among the target audience. 

Skills and Methods
Survey Design, Interviews, Usability Testing, Graphic Design, Collaboration, Negotiation

The start-up functioned for a pilot period of 12 months. We displayed our products across multiple universities in 2 cities in India. It was a profitable venture, but the founders decided to pursue other ventures to gain industry experience.
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